CBI says leadership hopefuls need a plan for growth

19 Jul 2022

Conservative Party leadership candidates must have a plan for economic growth, says the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

In an open letter to the candidates, Tony Danker, Director General of the CBI, warned of the serious challenges that the UK faces today.

The letter highlighted 'eye-watering' inflation, a 'super-tight' labour market and global supply chains remaining disrupted, not least by the events in Ukraine. He said that candidates must 'develop serious, credible and bold plans for growth'.

Mr Danker wrote: 'To support your programmes, the CBI is releasing our own plan to build confidence, attract investment and get the UK growing again. It is based on deep economic analysis and engagement with thousands of firms across the country and in every sector in recent months.

'It's called how Britain grows again: an economic plan for the UK. It includes practical actions for quick wins that will make a real difference and help us on the way to £700 billion worth of prizes for UK firms in the decade ahead. Crucially, we set out how these can be achieved, with government and business working in partnership.'